Keep us thirsty

Gentle and soft
Is the King’s heart
Gentle and soft
Always full of so much love

Tender mercies
Tender mercies
Softness and kindness
This is who You are

Dearest King Jesus
Dearest Father-God
Thank you for loving this world so much
Where would we be without Your great love?

Your mercies are unnumerable
Your kindness without stop
How could You stay so kind
How can You keep on loving us so much

Glorious Jesus
We give You all the love and praise
You are magnificent and beyond all compare
We gladly bow our knees

We long for more of You
In our everyday
We long to know You more
We long to love You more

Because the more we love You
The more we want to discover who You truly are
A heart of worship
Longing for Your presence

How you Abba
Adore such a heart
A broken and contrite spirit
This is what You want

Hearts longing to know their King
Hearts soaking in His purest presence
Hearts knowing Whose they are
And Who they belong to

Thank you dearest King
For Your love and grace
Thank you for caring
Much more than we deserve

We give You all the praise
Fill our hearts Abba-King
Fill our hearts
With a deeper longing for Thee

Keep us thirsty
All our days
Let nothing ever be enough
But to know You, Your love and grace

You fill our hearts
With songs of joy
Songs of praise
Singing glory to the King

How You deserve
Each and everyone
Open up our hearts, eyes and ears
Dear Father-God

May we see
May it be sung
Glory, glory to the King

Yes, Amen.

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