I have tasted and seen
You are King
Miraculous and beautiful
There is just none like You

How to convince this world
How to tell of Your great love
Many people there are in this world
So few truly believe You are our all in all

Father how to convince them
How to make them see
How to open up their eyes
For them to truly know my King

O how it breaks my heart
To know and find
Not all people
Know or experience my King the way I do

If I could only tell people
If I could help them see
My King is no lifeless god
He indeed is the only One

Dear world
Open your eyes
See and find my King
Love Him with all your heart and soul

If you truly did that
O world you would see
Truly find and see
He is beautiful beyond compare

So many of His children
Just sitting idly by
How He wishes you would search for more
How He wishes you would truly say no

No to the world
And her earthly pleasures
No to seeking her
Yes to finding Me

Dearest world
Dearest children
You would see
I am truly waiting

I’m waiting dear world
Dear children
For you to come and follow
Wholly after Me

Come seek My heart Father says
Come seek after My presence
You will truly find and see
There is just no-one like our King

Beautiful dear children
This is who you will find Me to be
Come follow after My heart
Come follow after Me

Please don’t search only skin-deep
Dear world, dear children
You have absolutely no idea
What you are missing out on

All because you
Cannot say no
No to the world and her ways
Yes to only Me

Dearest children
You’re wasting so much time
You’re chasing after lifeless idols, second best
While the best is waiting to be found

Dearest children
Dearest world
Come and know I am waiting
Waiting to reveal the real and true gold in My heart

Beautiful and true
This is His truest heart
Beautiful You are my King
I truly love you with all I am and are.

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