Kingdom of Glory

Hear My voice
He says
Dear world
Please hear

Who wants to be saved?
Who cares to hear My voice?
Do not be so busy
You need to make sure!

Are you ready
For the King to return?
Holy, righteous and without sin
Is He

He wants you to come with
To His Kingdom
A place with golden streets
A place where He is the Sun!

Dear children hear My voice
I am calling everyone
Come in!
Come in!

Relationship with Me
Is the only thing
That will take you there
Please make sure you are Mine

Hear My voice
Hear My voice
I am calling
Do you hear Me?

Repent from your sins
Humble yourselves
Invite Me in
I am willing to show you the Way

No-one who didn’t know Me
No-one who didn’t open up
And give Me a chance
Will be able to go in

Only those who knew Me
Only those who love Me
Only those who came
They will enter in

Dear child
I need you to be ready
And waiting
Expecting My return

Ready you must be
Ready as can be
There will be no time to say
Give me 2 minutes and then I am Yours

Be ready! Be ready!
The King is on His way
The time is NOW
Please make sure you are His!