Path of Life

Do you hear the voice of the King
He’s calling the whole wide world
Be sure you are Mine!
Be sure you know whose you are!

Dear child there is no time
For foolish games
You need to know!
You need to be sure!

The fruits you carry
Must be Mine He says
You cannot call yourself a christian
And be dressed in filthy rags

Your robe must be
Pure and White
Just like Mine
It will be when we are truly One

Dear children PLEASE
You can’t call yourself My child
And everyday continue on
With what the world calls hers

Dear child
Make sure Me and you are in a journey
One where you are being changed
Into the likeness of My Son

Dear children
Slowly but surely what is important to Me
Must become important to you
Growth it is called

You can’t just be like a lazy son
Saying you have committed your life
Still continuing to lie on a coach
No desire to change a thing!

Dear child when My light
Enters your heart
My Holy Spirit comes
And lives on the inside of you

Showing you the path of Life
Teaching you what is right and wrong
Helping you to do what is pleasing
And acceptable in My sight

All you need is an honest heart
Open ears to hear
Willing to receive
Wanting to obey

Many times you will fall
Will you keep on and try once more?
Getting up must become the norm
I am focussed on you growing strong

One day you’ll need to lead others
Showing them whose you are, a disciple of Mine
Living the dream I wrote about your life
Long before time was born!