Save me from myself

You need to make sure
You need to know
What you believe
Is it really the right way?

Dear child everyone sinned
Because of sin we got separated
The wages of sin is death
Eternally away from Me

But dear child
I made a plan to save you
Because I knew
You would turn from Me

The plan was to send
My only Son
He would be the only One
Able to pay the price of sin

Free choice I gave to all of you
So that no man would be able to say
I have to serve You
I have no other choice

Dear child the choice is yours
It remains until this day
Life or death
You hold it in your hands

Choose Life then He says
There is no other way
By which any man can be saved

Like a Lamb
Holy, righteous and without sin
My Son was led to die on a cross
The sin of this world the burden He had to carry

He was punished
For the sin of this world
And the pain and suffering which came
When men said to yes to sin

A Savior I sent
To save you all from hell
A place where I am not
A place where I do not want anyone to go

Dear child hear My voice
Please repent!
The time has come
The time is NOW

Admit where you have fallen from
Admit you do need Me
Dear child do not be stubborn
Do not harden your heart

My heart for you is not pain
My heart for you is not rigid tradition
My heart for you is life and abundance
An opportunity to be eternally with Me.