An eternal choice

So many available roads
So many ways to go these days
Which one is right?
I wonder you say

So many avenues
Which one to take?
How to know
How can I be sure

Which one to choose?
Dear child let’s start here
I made you before Life began
Before creation you were Mine

Life is a journey
Since you were born
I have been calling
Dear child please return to Me

I knew you
Long before you knew Me
I made you
Says He

Dear child
Please do not depart from Me
I know who you are
I see your deepest heart’s cry

Return to Me says He
Please return to Me
The One who made you
With Me you will be eternally free

With Me Life truly begins
Dear child hear My voice
I am here with you
Asking you to please be Mine

If you hear Me calling
Please say Yes
I am Life
I am Truth and the Way

Come to Me
All who are tired and heavy-burdened
I will give you rest
He says

Put your trust in Me
He asks
I will lead you to a life
Where you will forever be with Me

I am the ONLY WAY
Choose Me
Do not depart
Please come to Me.