A sacrifice called me

Abba Lord I worship You
I give You my all
I choose to daily surrender
I choose to walk Your way

I want to hear Your voice Abba Father
I long to hear Your voice
I need to hear Your voice
More and more please be a part of me

I want to know Your deepest part
I want to know the real You
I long for Your heart
Who are You my Great King?

What is important to You?
What makes You tick?
Is it obedience?
Is it trust?

Showing that you love Me
Caring about My Words
Wanting to know Me
Surrendering yourself

My child I see the desires of your heart
I placed them there
As much as You want Me
I want you more

Keep on fixing yourself on Me
I will take you deeper
I will show you the deepest part
Where we will forever be one

Abba take my heart
Make it your own
All I have I give it to You
I want to hold nothing back

I sacrifice myself
I sacrifice all of me
Take everything Lord
I’m holding nothing back

I need Your fullness Lord
I need all of You
I so long for Your presence
Thank you for the promise of filling my heart

Till it overflows dear Lord
Till it is ONLY YOU
Make You my all dear Lord
Fill my cup Lord

All for You
All for Your glory
Empty this vessel
Use her anyway You see fit

Thank you Lord