Submerged in Jesus

O Lord God how totally amazing You are!
I have asked You to guard my every step
I have asked You to protect my body, soul and thoughts
Against temptations and desires of the flesh

You truly do help me
You’ve protected me, You’ve guarded me
How totally astonishing to see how You intercede
Even with the scaliest attacks from You-know-who

How worth my while
To continue to keep my eyes on You
From every filthy rag You set me free
Clothing me with righteous thoughts and deeds

Abba Lord You are above comprehension
You are far above any hint of temptation
If we would only submerge our will into Your divine Will
You guard our every step, You protect us all the way

Lord thank you for protecting us
Thank you that Your way is Light
In Your light, ALL darkness disappears
You truly are the Anchor in the seas of Temptation

We honor You
We glorify You
Only by Your Grace and Strength and Mercy
We can continue to stand strong

We run to You
We hide ourselves in You
How You protect us
How You truly care