The real you

Fakeness versus realness
What is real today?
What is pretend?
Even kindness today feels put-on

How very essential for us to be real
To be genuine
To have pure hearts and live from there
What are we hiding?

Our true selves? The true me?
Perhaps it is because we know
What is hidden inside
That could never be revealed!

There is Someone who sees beyond what people can
He knows ALL 🙂
Nothing is hidden from Him
Perhaps it is time to start wondering what He sees?

From people you can hide a lot
With pretence you could keep your life afloat
That is not possible with the King
He sees through all, He knows the REAL YOU

Perhaps it is time to truly turn to Him?
Once His light comes in and shines on you
You would be free and open to Him
Never again you would need to hide and pretend

He would be your all
He would be the light in you
All darkness would flee
For ALL, you would be the real you!