Kingdom of Light

Peace, Joy, Unity
Love, Harmony, Mercy
Grace, Peace, Love
Concord, Humility, Boldness

Warriors … Servants
How glorious
How peaceful
Every aspect of Your Grace

It fills us with peace
It fills us with hope
It fills us with expectancy
Expecting great things

Knowing that we can make a difference
If we continue to keep our eyes on You
We can truly change this world
If we keep our eyes fixed on You

Discovering why we are here
Chasing our dreams
Finding our purpose
Living our destiny

What joy there is
In becoming what You have destined
You have a beautiful plan for each of us
A plan that will astound us

What joy, what peace
To become what You have purposed
When we were still
In our mother’s womb

All glory, all honor
Belong to Jesus
Worthy truly of all praise