Victory in Me

How he lingers to destroy you
His heart is so evil
His heart so dark

Will you not share his companionship?
Will you take My hand and let me lead you out of His dark pit?
Every chain I can break you see
He is not more powerful than Me

He knows and sees
Against that name He flees
He cannot stand against My Light

But he knows, He sees
You are what it is all about
Will you choose wisely dear child
Light or darkness it is determined by the road you take, the choice you make

There is absolutely no reason
For you to stand alone in this fight you see
If you choose Me
I’ll come in and destroy the works of the enemy over your life

I’ll take control
What safer place to be
You are not strong enough for him you see
Without Me you stand no chance

The answer is, surrender all to Me
Confess you do need help
Admit you cannot do it on your own
And you’ll see my precious child the Sweet Victory

In Me you can stand strong
Through Me you can fight
Through Me you’ll gain the victory
Through Me you have won!

O how the enemy wants you to believe
You’ll find your own way out of his
Such a lie
That is!

-Yeshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus Christ-