Warriors of Faith

Army of warriors
Army of warriors
Stand up, stand up
Arise in Faith

I want My children
To rise up
Take a stand
And have FAITH

No more time for lukewarmness
Father says
Dearest children can you not see
It’s time for those of the Light to truly shine

Dearest children
Warriors of faith
And see what I can do through you

Dearest children
I want you to have faith
I want you to know
There is nothing I cannot do

Have faith dearest children
Have faith
You do not belong to the world
You do not need to look like her

Dearest children
I want my warriors
To stand for truth
To fight for truth

Do not allow yourselves
To be overtaken by this world
Stand on My Word Father says
Stand on Me

Too many people
Calling themselves
My children
But they are not truly prepared

Children of the Light
Gird yourselves with truth
Stand strong
Against the lies of the enemy

If you withstand him
He will flee
The Father says
Is this not what My Word promises

Dearest children
I want you to have faith
I want you to believe
I am who I’ve always been

Do not look to the world
And her earthly things
And ask where does my help come from
Look at Me, I am the only one

Children I care for you
Much more than you will ever know
Have faith
Trust in Me

I am the King
Above all other kings
No one else can do
What I can do

Children of the Light
Please trust Me
Please come closer
Gird yourselves with truth

It’s time you stand strong
Against the attacks of the enemy
It’s time you know he will flee
As soon as you call upon My Name

Children of the Light
Be strong
Look at your Father and know
I am the Only One

I am the only One
Able to save this world
Please put your trust in Me
And be set free

There is no one like Me
On all the earth
Father says
Neither in the heavens

Therefore please trust Me
All your faith
All that you are
Please come to Me

I love you dearest world
Please keep your eyes on Me
I am the only one
The only one able to truly set you free

Have faith dearest children
Please trust Me
Please be children of the Light
In all you say and do

Have faith
Have faith
In all you say and do
Please have faith


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