Most Special Place

I came for you to find Me
To be set free
To love Me more
Than any earthly thing

Nothing or no-one
Can ever be before Me
Father says
This should never be

I should be
The highest priority
In your heart
And in your life

The most treasured place
In your heart
Should belong to Me
And not an earthly thing

So give up dearest children
Give up on the things not from Me
Love Me more
Than any created thing

Dearest children
I need you to listen
You’re on dangerous ground
If you love anything and anyone more than Me

Please dearest children
This should not be
I must be the King inside your heart
I must be the King of your life Father says

If there is anything or anyone
More important than Me
Dearest child
It will be your fall

Trust Me dearest children
Please trust Me
Knowing that this what I say
Is for your safety

Trust My heart the King says
Trust My heart
Please believe Me
Nothing or no-one should ever mean more to you than Me

Dearest children no
Please do not allow this
The enemy is trying to ensnare
Leading you into a trap

You should be careful
Abba says
You cannot ever place
Anything or anyone higher than Me

I should be your life
Nothing or no-one else
Should take this place
I am the only perfect one

Build your house
Upon the rock
Build it upon Me
And then it shall not fall

I should be the most important person in your life
My dearest children
You cannot allow anything or anyone
To have this place over Me

It’s so dangerous My child
It’s so dangerous
It’s idolatry
It should never be

It cannot ever be
Father says
I should be your life-source
The one you build your life on

Keep your heart and focus on Me
Dearest child
Do not allow anyone or anything to have
The special place in your heart that should belong to Me

Take heart, take heed
Be careful dearest children
Be careful
Do not ever allow yourself to place any above Me


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