Golden sacrifices

Glory to the King
He is truly just beautiful
I cannot get enough of Him

The more I find Him
The more I want to seek
I just love Him
He is so dear to Me

You are truly just beautiful
I long for more of You
I long for all You are

Father-God will you please
Show me more
Reveal more
Give Me more of the depths inside Your heart

I long for more of You
I long for Your fullness
I know it is for everyone

In Your Name
I want to invite the people of this world
To come and find

Father You know
You said
It is not for a chosen few
It is for all those willing to find

For all people
Who would say yes
Yes to finding You
Yes to more of Your heart

Dearest children
It’s a journey
To discover My heart
A journey I would love to walk with You

Dearest children
People of the world
Please come and find
More of Me

So much more Father says
So much more waiting to be found
If only you would say

I long dearest children
To show you more
To reveal more
To give you more

Thank you so much
For asking dearest children
Dearest world
Thank you

I long people say
I long to know the King’s heart
Still you are not willing
To truly come and find

Dearest children please
You would need to offer some time
You would need to make sacrifices
To find Me

I long for people
Father says
Who will be willing to start telling the world
Enough, I want God

Dearest children please
In order for anyone to grow
In love and relationship with Me
You must truly come

Dearest children please
Start spending time with Me today
Mean it from your heart
Please come now

Nothing makes Me happier
Nothing gives Me more joy
Than to share My heart
With those who truly care

Dearest children please
Come and find
Please say MORE
Please say yes to Me


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