God’s deepest longing

I long for people of the world and Mine
To truly know My heart
This is My deepest longing
My greatest heart’s desire

People of the world
Dearest children
Will you please come closer
Will you truly find?

Dearest children
I long for you to find
I long for you to truly
Find Me

My greatest heart’s desire
Is that people of the world
My own children
Will pursue Me the way I pursue them

Do not stop dearest children
Please do not stop
Please come closer
Make sure to find Me

Many things are in the hearts
Of My children Father says
Many things
Distracting them from Me

Dearest children
Dearest people of the world
I need your undivided attention
I need you to come find Me

Dearest children
I long
I long for this world and you
To truly find Me

The depths of My heart
Is waiting to be found
Please dearest world
Will someone say yes

Many things dearest world
Many things that daily separate
I do not want it to be like this anymore
Father says

I long for My children to pursue Me
To also long for My loving touch
Please dearest world
Please come and find

Dearest children of the world
If you could only find
You would be so happy
Truly happy

This is My truest heart’s desire
For people to be happy
For them to find Me
For them to know it is Me

I am the source and reason
For all true and real happiness
Father says
Find Me and you will be happy

Dearest children please
Come follow after Me
Make finding Me
A big priority

Dearest children I long
I long for this world
To truly find Me
For us to be ONE

This is My greatest heart’s desire
My deepest longing
For you to fully find
The depths and beauty inside My loving heart

Dearest children
I love you
This is what Father says

Please come
Please find
Until we are fully one
You complete in Me

Do not look back
Do not turn away
Keep your eyes focussed on Me
I am the only living eternal God

Those who seek
They will find
This is a promise in My Word
This is what Father says

Seek dearest children
And please make to sure to find
Before ever thinking of turning around

Yes, Amen.

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