Wise Seeds

Come and find
The Father says
Come and find
This is My heart’s desire for every child

If you would only
Start to say no
To the things of the world
Father says

If you would only pursue Me
The way
You pursue her
Things would be so different

Things could be
So much better
If you would only
Put Me first

Dearest children I cannot be
Below all the rest
I cannot be
At the bottom

Dearest children
You need to start making Me
Loving Me, having a relationship with Me
A big priority

Dearest children
You cannot go on like this
You tell yourself you are My child
Still you never spend any time with Me?

Dearest children
How can this be?
How can you call yourself a Christian
Still daily partake in all the sin this world has to offer

See dearest children
I do not think you realise
It is not possible to love Me
And sin so much

There must be a difference
The Father says
To those living in the world
Those living in My Kingdom

Dearest children
Have you not realised
Have you not seen
There must be a difference

Those who call themselves My children
Should live for Me and My Kingdom
The Father says
And not for themselves

Dearest children
That is where so many of you go wrong
I want to give you so much more in Spirit
Still so many of you say no

Dearest children
Please listen to Me
You’re never gonna get to the fullness of the Spirit
If you do not start saying no to the flesh

I have prepared
So much more for My children
Father says
If only you would start saying yes

Growing in relationship with Me daily
Loving Me more each day
Dearest children
This should be top priority

Why does so many children
Up and till today
Do the same thing
They still do not choose Me

Dearest children
Please listen to Me
You need to be so careful
With the things you say yes to

Dearest children
My children
You cannot allow yourself
To fully partake in the world and her ways

There are two roads
The Father says
Only one you can take
Life or death you choose

Dearest children please
Be wise with the choices
You daily make
You cannot love Me and Sin

Dearest children please
This is how lukewarmness
Floods your life
This is not how I want it to be

I want the flame in you spirit
To grow Abba says
I want it to burn up
All the iniquities

Dearest children please
Allow My Holy Spirit
The Spirit of Holiness
To lead you into a purer life

Dearest children please
Be wise
Be wise with the decisions you daily make
It is so important

Seeds grow
Abba Father says
Therefore please be so very careful
With the seeds you sow

Rather let it be seeds
That lead to life
Not death Father says
Even if it is just spiritually

Be wise
My dearest children
Be not like the world
Do not what she does

Be wise My children
Be wise
Listen to the words of your Father
Please follow in My ways


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