True Pursuit

If you loved Me
Father says
You would truly care
About all things from Me

Dearest children
I do not always understand
How can you not long to be like Me
How can you not love all things from Me

I long for My children
Father says
To follow in My ways
And not their own

Dearest children please
Can you start to say no
To all the things in this world
Not from Me

Dearest children
My Word tells you the truth
It tells you who I am
What I like, what I don’t

Dearest children
Dearest world
You cannot go on like this
You must truly choose

Dearest children
If you would like to serve Me
If you would love to find Me
Please come now

Come now Father says
Do not allow it to become too late
This is not My heart for you
Father says

Dearest children
I long for you
And this world
To truly find Me

Lay aside Father says
All things not from Me
Say no to the world and her ways
Please come follow and walk on Mine

Dearest children of the world
Mine is so much better
Than those you have been trampling on
Mine is True Life

Dearest children
Dearest world
Please come
Please come find Me

I’m waiting dearest children
Dearest world
Waiting, longing
For you to pursue Me

Dearest children
Dearest world
Nothing on earth can ever compare with Me
I long for you to find

Say no to all the wrong in this world
Father says
The wrong is not from Me
Do the right

Dearest children
If you battle to see
If you battle to find
Please do read My Word

My Word is lovely
The King says
Nothing like it in all the earth
It will lead you to only goodness

Dearest children please
Believe Me when I say
I’m not like you
I’m good in all My ways

I long for you to find
I long for you to say yes
Only to Me

Dearest children
Mine and those of the world
It’s time to give up the wrong
And to pursue only what is right, Me

Please do not love the world and her ways
Above Me and Mine
I came to set you free
From all her bondages

Sin is such a beautiful thing
To so many people Father says
Even some of My own children
Doesn’t want to let go thereof

Dearest children
Believe you Me
I am so much more beautiful than sin
If only you would believe

I need you to give up
Some of the time you spend with sin
The world and her entertainment
To follow after and pursue Me

If you could only
Give this time to Me
If only it belonged to Me
Dearest children you would see

I’m so much more beautiful
The King says
So much more beautiful
This you would find

Dearest King’s children
Dearest children of the world
Please come
Please pursue Me with your WHOLE HEART


One thought on “True Pursuit

  1. Amen! Please let us not harden our hearts. How long must Father plead! Surrender all to King Jesus while it is yet day. The greatest decision anyone can make.

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