The Door to Your Heart

Father I wanna live
Your calling in my life
I wanna do
Only what You want me to do

I wanna LOVE you more
Because it is love for You
That makes me
Wanna grow closer to You

I can feel and I can see
How fear shuts the door to Your heart
Law and regulations shuts the door
But I can see Father-God

I can see how LOVE opens up the door
Love makes me wanna love You more
Love truly opens up the door to Your heart
Fear shuts me out

Fear says performance
Fear says ‘you are not good enough’
Fear says there is a wall of separation between us
Fear says You and me we are not truly one

Abba Father I do not want to fear
I wanna LOVE
I just wanna LOVE and LOVE You more
‘Cause LOVE says…

My dear child trust My heart
Dear child My love says COME
My love says you are good enough
Dear child you can trust My heart

My heart says … COME
Come dear child
Come closer

Come see I will never ever hurt you
Do you know dear child
How it breaks My heart
To see one soul fall into eternal hell?

It breaks My heart
Dear child
It breaks My heart
It breaks My heart

Yes dear child I am a Holy God
I love righteousness
I love purity of heart
Why is this so difficult for My children to understand?

In My love you are safe
Trust dear child
Trust My heart
Believe Me when I tell you in My arms of LOVE you are forever safe

Dear child do not depend on yourselves
Do not depend on your own good works
Trust in the finished work of My Son on Calvery
My Son’s death on the cross says…

Dear child I love you forever and ever
And nothing, nothing will ever separate us ever again
Dear child, dear child
I need you to trust the work of My Son on Calvery

Because of that, because of My love
Shown and proven on the cross of Calvery you can come
You can enter the throne-room of Heaven
I want you to come with boldness before My Throne of Grace

I want you to openly and freely declare
Father-God I am one of those
Who have put my trust
In Your eternal Son

I love Your Son
I love Your Son Jesus (Yeshua) so much
Father-God that I will lay down
My earthly pleasures and passions

I will give You my whole heart
I will give You my whole life
Father-God I love You so very much
And I wanna please You so much more

I wanna LOVE You Jesus
I wanna LOVE You so much more
I wanna LOVE You with so much more
My whole heart

My whole life
I just wanna give You so much more
I wanna bow down
Come before Your throne and say…

Here is my heart
Take all of me
My whole life
My everything

Take it all for You
For Your kingdom God
I want Your closeness Father-God
I wanna have Your all

I never never knew You could be so close
I never knew You wanted all of me
You want our all Father-God
You want my all

Father-God I wanna worship You
In Spirit and Truth
I never ever ever wanna lose the closeness with You
I wanna hold You close, so close to my heart all my days

See dear child
There are so many bridges
Between you and Me
I do not have full access

I do not have full entry into your heart
Why not Father wants to know
What is keeping Me out?
Constantly the world and her desires wins over Me

Dear child you never seek My face
You never come or long for My presence
See dear child
That is what I’m talking about

I want all of you Father says
Not here and there only a bit
I want your all dear child, your all
If you would come you would find

I am Fullness of Love
I am Fullness of Kindness
I am Fullness of Compassion
I am fully Fullness of Acceptance

Dear child I do not want you
To continue you on being scared
I want your all dear child
I want your all

Please stop with keeping Me out
Please dear child stop being scared of Me
I will never ever ever hurt you
Father-God so many things makes us so scared of You

So many things we see
So many things we hear
See Father-God we know, deep down we know
You are the ONE all-mighty, all-powerful God

Father how do we do it?
How do we know You
As the strong and mighty God
While still pursuing You as the Lover of our soul?

How do we do it Father-God
I don’t know
I so wish I understood
How to do it, how to do it

How do I love and care for You
With my all
But still, still remember
You are the one and only mighty true King?

People play with the LOVE
I have and feel for them
They do not care a thing about Me
They are so selfish in their need of Me

They do not want Me for Me
They want Me for themselves and their selfish desires
They never, never love Me for who I truly am
Dear child, dear children

I love you so, so much
I gave you My all, my everything
My all, everything I could
Everything I had

And still, still unto this day
It is not enough
How can people be so selfish I often think to Myself
How can they truly, truly care only about themselves?

How is it possible that they can continue
To blame Me for all the wrong in their own lives
See dear child I do not understand
Never could, probably never will

How is it possible for You to continue
To put all the pleasures of the earth above Me?
See dear child you have absolutely no idea
What you are missing out on

For decades, for decades dear world
You have been missing out
On what I have prepared for My church, My people
Fullness as you have never known or could

So few people, so few people through the ages
Have chosen to trust Me, so few
I do not understand, I truly do not
How can you, how can you truly love this world and her doings above Me and Mine?

Do you not realise
She is corrupt and selfish in all her ways?
All she wants to do
Is drag you down with her

Dear child I tell you this
This world and her ways will come to an end
She will not remain forever
She will fall this is what the Lord says

It is time to put your trust in Me
And not in her
She will surely fall dear child
I tell you this

How much longer, how much longer
Will you feed your flesh
With her desires and evil passions?
Evil they are for sure

If your flesh cannot get enough of her
If you constantly want more and more and more of her dear child
You should be worried
You should be so worried

I do not want My children to be a part
Of her and her lifestyle
I want you to feel out
I do not want you to feel welcome with her

Do you dear child?
Do you feel fully satisfied with what she has to offer
Do you feel out?

See dear child that is how you will know
I want the barriers between us to come down
I want to destroy them
How much longer will you allow the queen of this world to separate the two of us?

Dear child I am Faith
You will have to come by faith
I’m asking you to trust Me
I’m asking you to come

Will you love and serve Me
With your all?
Will you come and discover
Who I truly am?

I am the One who gave all He had
So He could have your all
I love you so much dear child
I’m asking you to come and truly be Mine

Will you dear child
Not only in speech
With ALL your heart?