Trusting the Father’s heart

My heart for you
Is beautiful dear child
If only you could see

No need to be scared, I love you
And I would never ever hurt you
I have compassion
I see your deepest need

May you be blessed
With the knowledge
That I love you
That I truly care

I know you can’t see
The answer
I know you can’t see
The end

Still dear child
Will you continue
To trust My heart?
My love, yes for you?

I know you didn’t
Really have a say
In the way
This would work

Still I know, you decided
To trust My heart
You’ve decided
To trust My love

You will see the fulfilment
Of My plan
Coming to pass
How you will see!

Continue trusting Me
Trust My heart
You will see My plan
You will see My love

The love I have for every child
How big, how vast
How immense!
Dear child will you continue to trust My heart?

I will Abba Father
I will
With all my heart
I will continue to trust Your heart

Thank you for helping me
Thank you for making my faith strong
Heavenly Father with my all
I will continue to trust Your heart