Standing in faith

Abba Lord please hide me in the Shadow of Your wings
I need to feel loved
I need to know that I am safe
In You I know these are True

I can hear the world screaming with such loudness
You’re doomed to fail!
You for sure didn’t hear the truth of God’s will!
Fear such a loud voice you do have!

My knees feel so shaky
I am on risky ground that is for sure
Still I will continue to trust
Your plan, Your purpose will be established in Jesus name

What I have started in you
I will complete dear child
You need to keep your eyes fixed on Me
Deaf ears to the world, that way you will be safe!

Did I hear the softness of Your voice
The way Abba you wanted me to hear?
Did I truly find Your will in the
Stillness of Who you are?

Abba Lord I need to know that I am
Exactly where YOU need-me-be
I’ll keep my eyes fixed on You
Please help my heart to know that You are here

In the whirlwinds of life
In the complexity of who I am
In the stillness of Who you are
Please let me know that You are there