He is not holding out on you, not ever!

Good things come to those who wait
We are sometimes so very eager to take life into our own two hands
We do it all-the-time
We set up everyone and everything way ahead-of-time

If we could only see
If we could only understand
There is One who holds the blueprint of our lives
Why not seek His purpose and plan?

Patiently we would need to walk
Surrendering ourselves to Him
Trusting His will
His perfect time

No greater joy you will ever find
If we would only lay down the I
And pick up and make a part of every day
Lord Your will be done

He will direct your path
Every footstep He will guide
He knows the deepest desires of your heart
Who better for you are His design?

Keep on when times get tough
Hold on when all seems to get too rough
He is working on your fullness
He is working on your perfect time

You can trust Him with your all
Be sure to stay in the centre of His will
The reward is much more than you could ever imagine
Wait patiently and trustfully on the fulfillment of His plan

Surrendering your hopes and fears
Friends you can trust Him
He has your BEST INTEREST at heart
Every time, all the time

The calling on your life
The purpose behind why you are here
Are far greater than what you now perceive
Take His hand, trust His heart and you will see

Surrendering your all
Asking Him to direct your path
Seeking His counsel in all you plan to do
Believe Me, you can trust His heart