The death of your past

Just trust me He says
Come to Me
I can see the barriers of fear
The feelings of this-is-risky-ground

Come to Me
Why is it so very hard to trust you Lord
To open my all, close my eyes
And begin to fall

Because you have never been caught
I can understand that My child
I do understand
Life has been tough

To protect yourself from getting hurt
See up till now no one has ever cared more about you
Than you

I understand My child, I do
My message of love sounds very far-off
It can’t be real
Nothing on earth could be this good

It is My child, it is
What can I give you more than what I already gave
I gave My Son in your place
For you to live

That was the only way
Because He died and rose again
You can now also live
Even after the death of your past

In Me the old you could be buried
In Me the new you could arise
My plan was permanent
Eternal LIFE is in Me