Make me

Glory-Light of YaHWeH Father-God shine on me
Through my heart
Through my being
All for Thee

Change me and take away
What I do not need
Only Your Light
Please let it shine through me

Love through me
Touch a broken world with me
Make my tongue an instrument for Your glory
A life-bringing song to Thee

Give me Your mercy to all I see
Love through me
Love conquers all
Love conquered me 🙂

Make me an instrument of love
Make me an instrument of healing
Bring hope to this world
Through me

I choose life
I choose to live as Jesus did
Full of compassion, loving the Truth
Being obedient in all

What a glory to know the King
To know Your touch
To know Your voice
To have You here!

YaHWeH is the Hebrew name for Father-God.