One with Thee

My Jesus is all-powerful
He is the King you see
His name is above all the world
His power and fame higher and more glorious than what we could ever give

He is worthy of all our praise
All light and joy is found in Him
He lifts us up, He gives us peace
How we choose to run to Thee

You shine like the brightest star
Even more than what we have ever seen
Lord open the eyes of our hearts
Grant our ears the wisdom and humbleness

To receive what You o Lord
Has laid before the foundations of earth
Abba our Lord teach us Your ways
And give us Your peace

Peace like what You give is a precious gift
Not found nowhere else
But in You and You alone
It is a peace far beyond our reach if not seeked from Thee

Thank you for Your all
Prince of Peace
We choose to give our all
So we can be one with Thee.