Resting in God

Say yes
Says Daddy-God
To Me
Knocking at the door of your heart

For many ages
And generations
I have been doing this
The King says

Yes wonderful people
Have said yes
To this invitation from My heart
Still many has not come

Will you be the one
Says Daddy-God
To not refuse My love
But to let Me in

Yes says Daddy-God
Many lilies are there
In the fields of the earth
Still not one is as beautiful as you

Dearest children of My heart
I sometimes wish
I could show you
What I see when I see you

A rose in full bloom
A bride dressed in white
o Child can you not see
As the song says a beautiful child of Mine

o Come child
Seek after My heart
Don’t be afraid anymore

I long for you
Says Daddy-God
I long for you
As a bridegroom for his bride

A long time ago
Daddy says
I chose Myself a bride
A bride dressed in pure white

I knew she could not ever
Live up to and according to My standards
That is why I send My Son
To help her

Yes not because
She was not good enough
It’s not about worth
But because she could not do it on her own

That is why
Says Daddy-God
Ring the praises high
Glory to the King

He came to sacrifice Himself
All to set you free
Child if He did not come
There would be no hope for you to ever return, yes to My courts

Come child, come
Just as you are
Know your worth in My Son
Know who you are in Him

I came for you He says
To return to you My Father’s love
The love Satan stole
When you said yes to sin

Yes for many years
Father-God says
I’ve been telling this world
To rely on my Son

Why you don’t always do
I’m not sure
Father says
I don’t understand why you say no

o Child, dearest child
Come talk to your Father
Come talk to Me
Come share your heart

Do you know
My child
That many things separate you
From experiencing My love?

Yes child, yes
This is what happens
When you run into the arms of darkness
For comfort, hope and rest

o Child
Can you not see
Can you not experience
I love you so much more than this world ever could

Don’t be scared anymore
Daddy asks
Don’t be scared to come find rest
In My most loving arms

Dearest children
I would want for you to know
I am Rest
And nothing comforts like Me

Yes children, yes
Nothing on earth can separate from My love
But child you would have to come
And open your heart to receive

Yes says Daddy
Receive My love
Receive My grace
It’s not something anyone ever has to work for

Yes says Daddy
I know
This is true for many of My people
They have not yet entered My Rest

o Come dearest children
o Come
Just like Mary and Martha says Daddy
I would want to show you a thing or do

Both of them came
Says Daddy-God
To serve Me
With their love

One chose works, one intimacy
o Daddy-God says
I long for children
Wanting to come sit at My feet

Rest says Daddy
It’s time for this world
To come find their rest in Me

o Many things you try
Daddy-God says
Many things
None of them lead closer to Me

Why is it Daddy says
World that you always
Close your heart towards Me
And invite other things in?

Child please
You should not be doing this anymore
I want My favor
To surround you and be your shield

o Child come
Come pick up your cross and follow after Me
I love you dearest children but I would want you to know
I do know best

Let go Father says
Of all that separate you
From My great love
Child you know what it is

Let go and My love
Will find you
It will embrace you child
Not ever to let go

And yes says Daddy
Although you have not experienced My perfect love
It will happen more and more
As you continue to say no to the wrong

o Child
When you encounter My love
Nothing else will ever separate
Because you will know I have found home

Home is in My arms
Dearest children
This I would want you to know
Love is in My arms

Don’t let anything of this world
Separate any longer
Daddy-God says
No, come find perfect love

o I love you children
I love you so
Say yes Daddy says
Say yes to all I offer you

Me and My fullness
Daddy says
Nothing on earth
Ever compares

Nothing comes close to Me or My Kingdom
Abba says
Not even close
o They try but they fall sooo far short

Come dearest children
Closer to Your heavenly Dad
The one who holds the stars, sun and moon inside His palm

Can anyone of you ever do this
Have you tried?
o Child, o Child
Come seek after Me

You will be so happy once you found
You will say why did I not long ago do this
o Child this is what they all say
Please believe Me

No one who has ever found Me
Truly and really
Will ever, ever, ever regret it
Not even for a second

Yes not because difficult times would not arise
But because they have found
Even in the difficulties of life
I stay true

I am the truest, realest
Most steadfast Rock
Anyone on planet earth
Could ever build their house upon

Dearest children
Dearest children
It’s time to truly stop
Building houses on the sand

o Child can you not see, believe Me
Have you not found it yet
All other houses except those built on Me
They will fall

Yes My dearest children, yes they will
Nothing is as sure as Me
Nothing says Daddy
Nothing in all the earth


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