Friend from Above

I’ve given you the Holy Spirit
To help you, to lead you
To guide you
Why do you not rely on her?

So many people
Trying to conquer sin
And this world
Without her by their side

Dearest children no please
There is no need to be doing this
I send her so you
Could stand strong

I’m asking you
To not depend on your own strength
I’m asking you
To allow My Holy Spirit to help

That is why she was sent
For you to never again be alone
She is here with you
On earth to assist, lead and guide

Dearest children
Will you please allow her
Will you allow her to help
Will you allow her to teach

She is here to guide you
Away from sin
In the right way
In the path of life

Many people says Father-God
Choosing to ignore the
Voice of the Holy Spirit
Choosing not to listen to her

Perhaps you do not know
Perhaps you do not see
She is trying to lead you in the Path of Life
You are keeping on saying no

Why are you doing this
Father says
If she directs you to take another way
Please follow her lead

She knows what’s best for you
Father says
She knows how to lead you
In the Path of Life

It’s time to start listening
Father says
It’s time to start listening
To the voice of My Holy Spirit

She will always lead you
To life
She will always lead you
In truth

Please start by saying yes
Please listen
Please obey
Please read Your Word

My Word, Truth and Holy Spirit
Will always lead you
In the same direction
The way of Life

They are inseparable
They are ONE
Me, My Truth and the Holy Spirit
We are ONE

Yes, Amen.

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