Beautiful Heart

Your gentle love has found my heart
With so much compassion
Thank you Abba Lord for coming
And for making my heart Your home

I cannot get enough of You
Abba-Lord You are my strength
You are the Song
I so lovingly sing

Father-God may my life
Always reflect Your goodness
May it always testify
Of Your great love

You are Abba
Above any and all comparison
I love you dearest King
I say Thank You

Thank you for coming
Thank you for never giving up on me
You dearest King You are the Lover of my soul
My one true King

I want to love You more
I want to tell of Your great love
Thank you Abba
For coming and speaking to my heart

With gentle love
You are always the same
You speak to my heart
Words not found on earth

Beautiful, beautiful songs
Words wanting to always give You praise
Thank you Abba Lord
For coming and making my heart Your home

I’m so happy I said yes
So thankful
To look back and
See what You have done

A long way you have come
Thank you dearest child
For never giving up on Me
For choosing Me

How can anyone
Not choose You?
This I often think
They must not know the real You

You are compassion
You are goodness, kindness
You are everything that is beautiful
And found on planet earth

Dearest children
You should never give up so easily
You should trust My heart
Until the very end

See so often times
You have found
That I am not there
Where you want Me to be found

Dearest children
I am Purest Love
You must have realised
I can and will not be found

Have you realised this dearest child
For those not listening to My voice
Never harkening their ears to hear from Me
I cannot be found

Have you found this to be true
Dearest love
Have you found I can not be found
By those not willing or wanting to hear from Me

I so often talk to this world
Sharing My heart
Sharing My will
Without ever being found

Dearest children
It is time you listen
It is time you find out
I came for you to fully have Life

Dearest children
Dearest world
Please do not give up on Me
This is what our Father says

Dearest child if you have sought
And you did not find
Please ask yourself
Did I search with a pure and honest heart?

Dearest child
I have not given up on you
I long for you to come and find
The real Me

I’m asking you to let go
Of your perceptions
I’m asking you to let go
Of all the things not from Me

Dearest children
I long for you to truly find
To truly listen to My voice

So often I speak
Without ever being found
How can this be?
It’s because you do not care to hear from Me

Listen to My voice
Please listen to My voice
Dear world, dear children
Please  l i s t e n  to Me

You will find
I can and will be found
By anyone asking and pursuing
With a true and pure heart

This is what I’m asking
Dearest child
That you pursue Me with an honest heart
Not just one saying I-want-something-from-you-God

I love you dearest children
And I believe
I deserve better
I deserve open, honest, true hearts

Please stop playing with My heart
Please stop not taking it seriously
Dearest children
Please own My heart

Never give up on Me
And know
I will never give up on you

I love you too much
Dearest children
Please come after Me
Please pursue Me with an honest heart

You will find Me
If you seek Me with all your heart
Not half a heart
This is what our Father says

Do not leave open
A gap for the enemy
To come in
And deceive you with more lies

No dearest children
I want you to please and really
Come and Seek
After My beautiful heart

That is what you will find
Dearest children
I love you
And I can be found

Truly and fully
By every heart willing to listen
You will find Me
This is what our Father says

Find Me
Dearest children
Pursue Me
This is what our Father says

Really and truly
You will find Me
If you seek
With an open and honest heart

Do not let go
Dearest children
And know
That I have found you

In My arms of love
You are forever safe
You can trust Me dear children
Until the end of all days

Do not give up on Me
Never ever
Please keep on trusting
And know I will come through for you

Thank you dearest children
For listening to My heart
For opening up
And letting Me in

Thank you dearest child
Glory to the King

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