A burning desire

Who can I send?
Who can I trust with My heart?
Who is willing to share the gospel?
Who is willing to spread the good news of Jesus Christ?

So few are willing
So few really care
I need hearts
Willing to go when I ask

So many people
So few willing to share
They keep it to themselves
All bottled up on the inside

They follow the ways of men
They follow the ways of the world
Who will go?
The Lord asks

It shouldn’t be a big secret
He says
It must be all in the open
The whole world must know whose you are

You must shine like the brightest light
In the darkest place He says
All must be able to see you are Mine
It shouldn’t be something you can hide

Passion is all it takes
Says He
A heart set ablaze
With a burning love for Me

Dear child if you do not love Me like this
Ask Me to place it in your heart
To fill you with a never-ending desire for Me
It all starts with you asking from a pure heart.