Wandering child

Return to Me says the Lord
Return to Me
You have wandered far and wide
Still you were unable to find Me there

You made your own plans
Hoping they would succeed
Dear child answer this
Will it be worth all your trouble in the end?

If you would only ask for My will
If only you would listen when I speak
I do not understand
Why I am always the last one you turn to

You so hoped for success
Still everything continues to fail
Perhaps dear child
It is because you are out of My will?

My plan for your life
Was set years ago
How I hoped you said yes
Still you decided on a side-step

The other road looked more glamorous
Why is it that money became so important
For you it outweighs all
One would think that’s all there is to life?

Why is it so hard
To die to the flesh
Why is it so tough
To take My hand and believe?

Your way is the way unseen Lord
It is an uncertain road
Where only You can be King
Would I even have a say?

Dear child it is so difficult to trust Me
Because you do not know My heart
That is why you are unable
To put all you have in My hands

In My hands vessels of honor
Are made out of broken pieces of life
Instruments of glory
That is what I am able to make

My plan is so much better for you
There are so few who believe this to be true
A life of fullness you will find in Me
I can see it is so difficult for you to admit

Dear child believe Me
I am the Source of Hope
I am the Source of pure Joy
Of all that you so long to feel deep inside

I miss you
I long to once again
Take your hand and lead you
In My perfect will.