Veil of the heart

I came for you to have life
I came for you to have forgiveness of sins
Redemption from your past
I came for you to have Me

Yes Me and all that is only found in Me
Pure joy
Without anything lacking on the inside
Without all the hurt in your heart

I long to give you a new heart
My heart
Filled with compassion
Flooded with love

Lord we surrender our hearts
Please give us Yours
Teach us to walk humbly
With YOU in our hearts

Teach us to love
And not to beg
Teach us to give
Rather than to receive

Teach us Hope in its fullness
Teach us, Show us
The richness

We want to love like You
We want to give compassion like You
We want to be like You
In everything Lord that we say and do

Give us Your ears
Remove our fears
Give us Your wisdom
Remove the veil in front of our eyes

Help us to see You
Truly see
You are all around
We just need the blindness lifted from our hearts.