One drop of blood

The blood of Jesus can break every chain
Demons flee at that great name!
Yeshua is His name
O they know it all too well!

The enemy so wants you to believe
That you are the baddest this world has ever seen
Did you know that Jesus came to set the whole world free
Yes everyone willing to turn to Him!

No sin or bondage or filthiness is too dark for Him
The most lost person
The one deserving it the very least
Hear the truth, He came for him!

The blood of Jesus has not lost its power
The very darkest sinner He washes clean!
I trust in the blood of Jesus
Never ever will it lose its power!

The blood of Jesus saves!
The blood of Yeshua heals!
The blood of Jesus sets free!
The blood of Jesus was shed for every person of the earth!


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