Free indeed!

Thank you Lord, Abba Father
For loving us unconditionally
You are so amazing
We just cannot comprehend

Thank you for the showers of Your love
Thank you for Your care
It is above what we can understand
How we love to have You here

A part of our every day
A part of who we are
Your heart for us is freedom
Your heart for us is love

There are so many things today
Keeping us in bondage
Keeping us in pain
Lord o how we need to be free

We need to be
Who You have created for us to be
We need to be
Free from all the chains down here

You came for us to have life
Life in all its fullness
Not the life-draining, joy-stealing
Fake-loving things we do and see

You are fullness, completeness
Much more than what we can see or ever imagine
You are able and so willing to give to those
Who choose to walk with You

You did not send Your Son
You are not in it
For Your own benefit or gain
Jesus came, Yes for ours

Lord help us to see the truth
You came to set us free!
You came for us to be free
You came for us to have True life!