Love triumphs

Religion removes you dear child
Love is what it is all about
You need to do what you do because you love Me
Not because there is a list of do and don’ts

The love you have for Me must grow
The only way is by getting to KNOW Me
I am a real person you know
I have feelings, I made them you see

I have a heart that I would love
To share with you
Leave your heart behind
And I will give you Mine

Dear child isn’t it about time
That you move from only church on Sunday
To talking with Me every day?
That is how relationship starts you know

It is good to know about Me dear child
But when, o when, will you start to know Me?
Talk to Me, share your heart
Allow your heart to discover the depths found in Me

I long to take you deeper
Behind the lines of Sundays and church tradition
I long to show you My heart
Can you be trusted with what I want to reveal?

I so long for intimacy
I long for time ALONE with you
Times when it is only us
Times when it is just about Me

In Me you will find so much
Lacking in your life still
Your heart is broken
In My Presence you will begin to heal

Maybe no one ever told you there is more
Perhaps you did not know
I’m telling you now dear child
Relationship with Me is possible in every way

I’ll talk to you the way you talk to Me
I’ll share My heart just as you do yours
We’ll grow in oneness
Every step you take will be in Me

That is My desire dear child
To show you the richness found in Me
No earthly pleasures are able to obtain
What I freely give to those who love Me

Love triumphs religion
Love triumphs do and don’ts
Love says I want to
Love says I truly care