Give Me a chance

The blood of Jesus cleans
The filthiest sinner is set free
There is so much hope
So much love in that name!

Dear child please stop running from Me
I care more for you than you will ever know
I am the Father you so long for
I am all the fullness you so seek

The world can not EVER give you what is found in Me
Life, Fullness, Yes all that you so need
My love completes
My love heals

Dear child please start by taking the first step
I am here and WILL BE along the way
Give me a chance
You absolutely have NOTHING to lose

Trust Me dear child
I am not loud
I am not self-seeking
I do not boast for My own delight

You would need to quiet down
You would need to sit still for a while
To hear My voice your heart would need to be surrendered
My Words WILL heal your heart

My heart truly cares
You are not alone with all the troubles of the earth
I am with you ALWAYS
What a promise found in My Word

Even though it sounds real nice it is no cliche
EVERY WORD is true
EVERY WORD you can believe
It will be your stronghold, it will carry you through all

You need to start knowing Me for who I am
You’re heading for the wrong end
You really need to start hearing Me
Please will you start saying yes to the voice in your heart?

Dear child I love you so much
I want to take you so much higher
So much deeper
You cannot comprehend

I need you strong
I need you bold
I need you healed
I need you strong

For Me yes but most of all for YOU
My strength is all you need
My grace will carry you on
In Me, through Me

Yes, Amen.