Take heart dear child

Be strong dear child
Do not give up
Take courage dear child
Be strengthened by what I say

I love you dear child
I have a good plan for your life
The plans that I have for you are beautiful
They are beyond what you are able to comprehend

Take heart dear child
I love you, I care for you so much
Do not give up on Me
Continue to keep your eyes fixed on Me

You will see My glory
You will see My plan coming into fulfillment
Just keep on doing what you’re doing
Carry on, every step I will guide

You do not see the picture now
He says
You will He says
Just continue to give your all to Me

Submit your flesh
Look upon Me
What I’ve started, I will complete
Take heart dear child, please be at rest

Keep a heart of faith
Do not give up on what I have promised you
You will see the fulfillment if you do not give up
Do not give up