You give us the strength to carry on

Is the road always easy?
Is the road always worth it?

Abba Lord it is tough
Walking this road with You
It isn’t always easy
But it is always worth it, Amen!

So often times we feel like giving up
So often times we feel we cannot carry on
It is tough
Yes it isn’t always easy

Still we must remember KEEP ON
Keep on!
Never give up!
Continue to stand!

You’re working on our fullness
You’re working on us being strong
We’re in a battle
We need to know how to fight the fight

Lord Your heart for us is always beautiful
You always have more and better in store for us
Even though we don’t understand all the time
Even if the road does get tough at times

We’ll continue to hold Your hand
We won’t let go
Is there ever any Answer but You?
No a thousand times over, no! That is for sure!

It is worth walking this road with You
Over and over, yes over again
Lord You are our Lighthouse
Yes You are our Peace

Though the road is steep at times
Though the hill appears to be so-out-of-reach
Though the valleys are so dark and low
Though the fire burns so hot at times

We will continue to hold Your hand dear Lord
We will not let go
We are sure to obtain the reward
If only we never decide to let go

Your Word promises that You are with us always
Every step we take
The rivers will not overflow us
In the fire You are with us

Because You never let go
We will also keep on
We will continue to get up
We will finish the race