A piece of My heart

I’ve been waiting for forever for you to turn to Me
You do not believe that I can heal all your pain
Dear child I am the answer to ALL you seek
None is too great or small when it comes to you

I see your smallest fear
I know of your greatest pain
Every step you take
I am well aware of all your ways

I am interested in you
I care about what lies in your deepest part
Every sorrow of the past
Even the now and here I care about

Nothing is too small for Me
Nothing is too great a task
I care about your all dear child
I believe My Son showed you My heart

When you get those doubting days
Turn to Me, choose My truth
My Son is the Way
The truth of all I now say

If you would take My hand
Commit to all My ways
Never let your hand slip out of Mine
You will see dear child a future you never thought could-be