You’ve tried everything else

If only you could start saying no to the world
If only you could start seeing the real her
If only you would open your eyes
And start asking some questions yourself

How do I feel when I don’t drown myself in emptiness?
How do I feel when I linger on the edge of worthlessness?
Am I fulfilled?
Is this life?

Is this what I was born to be?
A worthless, empty vessel called life?
Is this all?
Is this it?

If you do not feel value
If you do not feel worth
You have been lied to dear child
You have settled for her lies

You have been created for so much more
Than what you have experienced so far
There is Someone who knows your worth
He is waiting for you to take His hand

What do you say?
Do you really want to stay until the end?
You could lose your life
It is way more dangerous than you could possibly anticipate

The deeper you go
The more sure you are to lose your life
Without Him you are lost
Without Him you will never find true life

Dear child there is no reason for you
To continue with the road you’re currently on
There is another option
No need to carry on like this

Your life could be so full of meaning
Your life could be captured in a scene of hope
Your life could carry meaning
Your life could be full of hope

There is a better way
Another option to living life
True life is the answer
True life is only found in Me.