Law of Life

If we would only understand
How much damage we cause the name of Jesus
When we live unrighteous lives
Still priding ourselves on being His children

To live a life never wanting to be more like Him
But using it as an excuse for all our sin
Is so full of bondage still
There is no real freedom in all of this

All He longs for
All He asks
My child will you please take My hand
and let Me change you into the likeness of My Son?

I will give you everything you need
You have all that you need
My Spirit and My Word
They will lead you in all truth

I am with you all the time
I will not ever let go
With My power working on the inside of you
Marvellous things will come your way

Do you know what a strong witness you would be for Me
If only you would open your heart and let me in
How devastating to join in all the pleasures of the world
Still confessing to be a child of Mine

My dear child no one can serve two kings
One will definitely win
In My Kingdom there is light
And all the fullness you so seek

I know your heart
I know your inmost being
I know you
From Me you cannot hide a thing

I do not expect you to please Me with your works
All I ask is obedience because of YOUR LOVE for Me
If you truly loved Me you would understand
My heart for you is Freedom

My heart for you is Protection
My heart for you is Love
My heart for you would NEVER ask you to obey
Just because you must PLEASE Me

My Word brings LIFE to those who love it
My Word brings joy to those who hold it dear
My Word brings freedom
From every lie the enemy so wants you to believe

This is My heart for you
Freedom, obedience, peace
This you will find in all the guidelines
Yes all the instructions in My Word

My Word is not there to bind you
My Word is not there to restrict you
My Word is not there to punish you
When embraced, My Law of Life will set you free!