The king who thinks he knows it all

Start saying no to the king who thinks he knows it all
How very unwise his counsel
His wisdom only brings destruction
The words of his mouth carry only death

How not clever to follow in his ways
His kingdom appears to be full of fun and o-so-jolly
Not-a-care-in-the-world is his slogan
How long will you continue to be a part of this facade?

The chambers of his palace are made with iron lies
His stronghold is his heart of stone
He delights in bringing pain and sorrow to your life
Tell me dear friend how long will you be a guest serving his delight?

He prides himself in injustice
Building his throne on deceit and darkness
He boasts in his rebellion
Luring all his guests to do the same

How awful the prison doors set inside his kingdom
They’re made of ironstone, no man will ever be able to comprehend
The chains he clasps around the naive guests deciding to stay
Locks them in, no way they will ever escape

If these guests do not realise
That their lives are at stake
They will lose it forever
And gain the reward of becoming his ally

Eternal death and darkness
That is his name
He aims to take with him all who he is able to deceive
Please tell me you are not one of them?