Do not ever let go of My hand

Why do we not trust You?
We are missing out on so much
We do not know You
If we did, how different life would be

It is truly time for us
To stop only knowing You from afar
We know You from a distance
But o how little do we really know

We stand on what others say about You
Never closing the gap ourselves
Relationship is a reality
How very close we could be to You!

One decision to start seeking Him in truth
Could be the difference you so long for!

I can sense how unworthy you feel My child
Without Jesus there was no way
But now you are free to enter
Boldly to My throne of grace!

Because I sent My Son
You are so very welcome
Through Him you are clothed in white
Through Him you can come!

I love you so very much
Look at Jesus!
Look at the price He paid
That is how much We love you!

Please do not make my Son’s death cheap
What He did brought life to all humanity
It brought life to you!
Your life could start just now!

Yes your sin separates from Me
You know it deep down
There is no need to reaffirm it
You know it very well I can see

My dear child if you would truly enter in
Pass the veil now open to all
You would experience cleansing of all sin
Through the blood shed by My Son

Not to continue in sin
But to live a life of righteousness
I’ll be there every step of the way
I’ll lead you in all truth

There would be no need for you to stand on your own
You would only need to take My hand and not let go
You’ll grow in love for Me as you discover
The height, breadth and depth of My great love for you

My love for you brings so much deliverance
It brings so much freedom
It brings so much victory
It brings so much healing

You’ll never feel rejected again
You’ll never feel not-good-enough
You’ll grow into the fullness of My love for you
My love will restore you

Dear child I am standing with open arms
My smile so bright
Will you please enter in, take My hand
And walk with Me?

I so long to walk in union with you
I made it possible in every way
Dear child, My light will surround you
We will walk in the way of Light

In My Word you will get to know Me
My Word is Me
My Word is the lamp to your feet
My Word shows you the Way

I will be there every step of the way
Guiding your every footstep
Leading the way
You can trust Me

You will never be forsaken
I will never take My eyes from you
It is not possible for Me
To ever forget about you

You will grow strong
You will walk by faith
You will hold fast unto Me
You will reign with Me eternally