Children of the Light

My Jesus has a plan
He always has a plan
To continue to share His Kingdom
His truth to all who will listen

The very fact that there are children of the Light
And they’re still here
Shows how much He loves this world
How much He truly cares

Living the Light in a world filled with darkness
Showing love to all in desperate need
Caring for the forsaken
Giving hope to the broken

That is truly what makes the difference
That truly shows He cares
He sent His Son as a Light into this world
And through Him we are made children of the Light

Lets commit to sharing this Light
To all who needs it
Even to those that do not ask
Let us share it with the world

Through the Light He set ablaze in our hearts
We will continue to run the race
Giving all we meet a piece of our Light
For them to go out and do the same

In His power
By His grace
With His love
We can!