To have Your heart

We long to have Your heart
A heart that cares
A heart that loves
A heart that hates the evil

A heart that loves the truth
A heart that rejoices with the good
A heart that runs from the bad
A heart that seeks Your Truth

A heart that doesn’t allow sin to grow
A heart that asks for Your glory light to shine
And remove all that is not from You
A heart that denies what doesn’t glorify You

Abba Lord shine Your Shekinah Glory Light
In and over our hearts
Reveal the condition of our hearts
Test our hearts and make them pure

Holy and acceptable to You
Seal them with the blood of Yeshua
And Holy Spirit please help us
To guard our hearts with all diligence

So that You Lord Jesus can forever reign
In the Kingdom of our hearts
On the Throne
Today, tomorrow, until You return