One Truth

Ten thousand ways to reach the King?
I beg to differ there is only One you see
A thousand Truths?
Only One will truly set you free

Why do you look at and consider all these other things?
Why do you worship idols?
Why do you worship you?
It is all so dangerous

You are putting your very soul on the line
By putting yourself out there
You are shaking the hands of defeat
And lining yourself up for utter destruction

Get out of the line of the enemy
Gird yourself with Truth
And you will be able to see
Realise and comprehend

The One who gave His all
So you can truly live
One is truly much better
Than all the thousands found out there

Truly there is Only One
One Way
One Truth
True Life

Jesus Messiah
I am the Way
I am the Truth
I am True Life

No one
Comes to the Father
Except through Me
There is only One Truth.