An ugly thing called Fear

Fear you ugly thing
How you cripple us
Your cripple our thoughts, our minds
Yes even what we do

Lord please help us to overcome
To deny the Spirit of Fear
And to stand strong
In the knowledge of who You are

How we long
To not allow it to enter our hearts
Lord please forgive us
And help us to fight in the Spirit

Knowing that the battle is not fleshly
But attacks from the enemy
Who wishes to steal
Destroy and kill

We choose to allow Your Word to protect
We take up our fiery Sword
And CUT THROUGH you Fear
With the Word that is sharper than any other weapon found down here

I am with you even to the very last day
I will never leave you
Yes never will I forsake you, I love you

My name is a Strong Shield
How we choose to run to Thee
Though I go through the valley of death
I WILL NOT fear, for Your rod and staff protect me

Fear you ugly thing
There is Something much more powerful than thee
His name is JESUS
Our Shield of Protection

We choose to call on His name
All earth trembles
By the sound of His name
Powerful and Almighty is He

Abba teach us to fight in the Spirit
And for us to know
That neither death nor suffering
Can ever separate from You

We renounce Fear
We choose to not go into agreement with you
Lord please shine Your light
Let your Word set us free

Not by power, not by might
But by My Spirit says the Lord
Earthly weapons do no good
Destruction to so many lives is all they bring

Shield of Faith
We put you on
We choose to focus on Jesus
And ignore the terrible storm

Trying to convince us
That we are all alone
We are not!
Jesus is with us and He will be to the very end

Lord make us strong
Make us Your warriors
Teach us to take up the weapons
Mightier and stronger

Than all the carnal weapons
We so easily put our trust in
Weapons of the Spirit
Much more powerful you see

We speak Spirit of Love
Spirit of Power
Spirit of Self-control
Rise in me

I will not allow fear to grow
How devastating the end could be
I take back authority
I cast you down and turn to Thee

Abba only in You we stand strong
Only by Your grace and mercy can we continue to go on
We choose to focus on You
You truly are the Anchor of all we are

Fear we put on Faith
That is the ONLY WAY for us to stay strong
We fight you in the Spirit
Where earthly weapons cannot even compete

Jesus to You all glory
Thank you for protecting us
Thank you for loving us
Thank you that nothing can ever separate from Your great love

Not life, nor death
Not principalities, nor angels
Not powers, nor things present or to come
Not height, nor depth

Not any created thing
Shall EVER be able
To separate us from the LOVE of God
In Jesus Christ our Lord

We eat Your Word
Because Your Word builds Faith
And Faith is what is required
To stand against Fear

Thank you for helping us stand strong
Only through Your power and blood
We run to You, we choose You
Fear, such an ugly thing you are!