The Seeker

To search for
To enquire
To seek
You will find if you do not cease

Do not give up
Continue to seek
And the promise it is
You will find Me

If you search with all your heart
If you search with all your soul
You will find Me
The everlasting God

Do not give up, I’m waiting
You’re closing the gap
With every step you take
I am one step closer to reaching thee

How I love you precious child
I’ll protect you all your days
Do not be afraid
Through the valleys

On the mountains
I’ll keep you safe
I know your worth

Appreciate yourself the way I appreciate you
You are specially made
A touch of the Master you see

You will find
Just continue to seek
We will find each other
It is just a matter of time

Continue to seek
You will find
The promise
Is Me.