I pray that this world will see You for who You are

While spending time with our Heavenly Father and praising Him I suddenly got overwhelmed with big sadness. Why doesn’t everyone in the world know, see or experience my King the way I do? They run from Him but never to Him. All I wanted in that moment was to tell the world … Please you do not know Him, you do not know My God! He is the Author of Hope not the Author of Pain. He loves this world way too much! I wrote the following words in my journal ….

I pray that this world will see You for who You are,
Merciful beyond compare.
If this world would only turn to you.
They do not KNOW You.
Why?????!!!!!!! I found myself asking.

And then His answer came, so powerful and strong I could hear it coming from the deepest part of me …

All the pain, all the suffering they think I am the cause of it.
I love them, I would never hurt them.

What can I do if they take the authority and power I gave them
And give it to the powers and rulers of darkness?

I tell them to choose life, they choose darkness.
I ask obedience, they walk in their own way.

I’m here to protect them, but they wander outside my protection.
I’m not saying that they will never go through tough times but it is different when My will requires it.

People do not have faith anymore, they do not have faith.
They do not believe that I am who I’ve always been.

I am all-powerful, all-wise, I was here before the creation of earth.

People get so clever these days, they know all, you can tell them nothing.
I want to teach them My ways, but so very few choose that road.

You’ll never know what you’re missing.

You choose comfort, you choose entertainment, you choose to fulfill the desires of the flesh.
If you continue like this you will NEVER EVER, ever experience the fullness of My Spirit.

I want to give you so much more than what you are settling for.

Maybe you do not believe it is real, maybe you do not believe it is possible.

My child, with Me everything is possible.

You settle for SOOO LITTLE.

You were designed for greatness, you were made with purpose.
What to do if and when you don’t believe it?

Do you know that I – yes Me Myself – created YOU in your mother’s womb?

You are not an accident.

You might’ve started your life in less than perfect circumstances
But My precious child will you still believe that I do have a purpose, I do have a plan?

I always have.
Nothing ever catches me off-guard and unexpectedly.

I know what you do, before you do it.
NOTHING catches me off-guard.

I know when you sit, I know when you stand.

My child – face it – I KNOW YOU. 🙂

You were created for more than what you have seen.
I have put My very life in you the day you were born.

It is through Me that you have Life.

I know life is often times so full of pain and suffering.
I know of the pain, the sadness in your heart My precious, PRECIOUS CHILD.

I am so sorry that you got so hurt My child, all the pain you’ve gone through.
I’m so very, very sorry.


What the enemy has intended for destruction I can turn into hope.
What the enemy has intended for death I can turn into LIFE.

I am life precious child, I AM LIFE.

I can turn anything and anyone into HOPE itself.

Nothing and/or no-one is beyond My reach.
I can touch anything and/or anyone and turn it/them into a precious diamond.

There is hope for all.

Do not lose hope dear friend, do not lose hope.

Someone conquered death.
Someone suffered pain for our pain.
Someone hurt for our hurt.

In Him there is healing of ALL pain, all suffering.

Because He died we have hope, an EVERLASTING HOPE.

The Hope of Glory.


I was overcome with tears. World if you could only see! World if you only knew! My King is NOTHING like the picture you have of Him. My King is kind, He is compassionate, He is precious, He is so dear. HE IS LOVE. He is the Only One. In Him is true life. In Him is everything the deepest part of YOU desires to have. Everything. Please turn to Him. Invite Him in. Ask Him to come live in you for His glory. He longs to get to know you. He truly cares.