Who is there like You?
This world has never seen anyone as great as You
Your goodness is far above human comprehension
Your great love is something we will never understand

Mercy flows from Your throne
You are established by Truth
You are Holy
Set-apart, no one will ever compare

We serve the Almighty Creator
We serve the Living-God
He loves us all
In His Son we are one



Road Trip

I can heal any pain
I can heal all sorrow
There is no need to run to others
When I, the Answer, am here

I know your inmost being
I know your deepest part
I see the hurt, I see the pain
I can heal it all, did you know?

It would be a journey
Think of it as a road-trip
The best one you would ever have
Healing is guaranteed

If only you would take My hand
If only you would say no to the world
I am unable to do anything
With you constantly turning to her

Both of us cannot heal your brokenness
Her help will only let you self-destruct
Mine will put you on the road of LIFE
Please choose wise, the choice is yours.

I love you dear child.

May we

Lord may we always be willing
To share You with the world
May we always be willing
To share You with those that do not know You

How this goes for all our family and friends too
We never ever one day want to hear
Because you did not say
Because you did not do

You could’ve!
You should’ve!
You didn’t!
O no! How terrible that would be

Help us to be obedient to your Spirit Lord
He knows when
He knows where
He knows who!

Thank you Lord
May our lives be a testimony
That you would be able to use
For Your Name and Kingdom’s sake always!