Arise and be strong
Beautiful bride
Of Yeshua our God

Our God longs for intimacy
With us His children
Here on planet earth
He waits for us to be strong victors in Him Jesus Christ

Arise warrior-princess
Take your place
Be bold
In your faith and trust in Me

Deny Satan a place to steal
Be strong in Me!
I am the only living God!
Giants FALL when you worship Me

Continue Daddy says
Continue to be strong in Me
I bring you to a new place of faith in Me
Step forward child of God, step in!

o I love you dearest ones
Stand your ground
Stand on the ground I’ve prepared and promised to you
Stand your ground

o I love you dearest ones
I love you so
Small ones don’t be afraid Daddy says
I am greater than the greatest giant

Declare your victory daily says Daddy
Say I’m strong
I’m faithful
I move with you

Many things Daddy says
In the hearts of My children
Have faith children
Have faith

I know many of you wonder sometimes
Daddy says
Am I good
Can I truly do the impossible

I love you dearest ones
And Daddy just wants to say
I’m here with you
I love you

I’m so proud Daddy says
So proud of the ones
Standing their ground
Standing on My Word

You make Me proud
Dearest son, dearest daughter
Dearest little one
You make Daddy so proud

Thank you for allowing Me
Son, dearest daughter of My heart
To come closer
To have you near My heart

Daddy says I love you so, so much
Just have faith children
Just have faith
And see the mountains move

I am a faithful God
I am a good good Father
o I love My children
I love them so much

Many children Daddy says
Wonder often times
Will I come through for them
Just as I have for others

o My God is so good
The other ones often say
Still you do not seem to believe
I can and will do the same for you

I love you all uniquely the same
I love you so much
No one can have more or less of My love
You all have it all

o I love you Daddy says
I’ve been singing love songs from the start
Since the beginning of time
Can you see?

My favorite ones
Daddy says
My favorite ones
Are those who believe

It’s not to put you down
Dear child
It’s for you to come and believe
Please come see

I love all Daddy says
Still dearest children
I can only let My favor flow fully
To those who have surrendered to Me

o Child, o child
Come please see
Come see that I have a plan
Specifically just for you

I know many people
Daddy says
Who often times miss out on what I have prepared
Because they will not come

o Children, o children
Daddy says
Come closer, come please
Come find the favor I want to pour over on you

I love you children of My heart
Children of this broken world
When will you come closer
When will you come find

It’s not to put you down
Dearest children
It’s to invite you into deeper intimacy with My heart
Please come

I long Daddy says
I forever long for those who do not come to find
To find
How can you keep on missing Me

o Children
Children of Abba’s heart
You’re all in there
Broken and lost, healed and found

Come closer, come closer
To Me your Daddy-God
The one now inviting you
To come live inside My heart

You belong to Me
Abba says
Long before time has ever begun
You were there inside My heart

I made you first
I loved you first
I made you perfect
I love you perfect

o Child, o child
Come please
Come find Me



Daddy’s invite

Find Me
Find Me
This is what I hear my Dad
Constantly saying

Children of My heart
Children of the world
The invitation is always open
Will you come climb into My heart?

There are many things
Abba-God says
That I would love for you to find

Yes says Daddy-God
Many treasures inside My heart
Waiting to be found

Very few people
Daddy says
Are always willing and eager to come find
Why is this so?

Children if you could only see
How truly beautiful I am on the inside
You would run and not hide
To get to know Me

It’s because you believe
Daddy says always
All the lies Satan and this world
Spreads about Me

Children I would want for you to know
If there is no excitement in your heart
When you think about Me
You truly do not know Me as you indeed should

You do not know Me
The way I want you to know Me
Daddy says
You in fact have no idea of who I truly am

Children if you did
You would run
You would run to get to know Me
Not the other way around

Yes children, yes
It’s because you do not come
It’s because you do not believe
It’s because you do not know Me for who I am

Children of My heart
Children of the world
I’m waiting for those
Willing to find

Yes says Daddy-God
Do you know
Do you believe
I am the Only True Living God

There is absolutely
No-one like Me
Not now
Not ever

Come children, come
Come seek after My heart
And know that you will be so happy
Once you start to find

Yes says Daddy-God
It’s because it’s never My heart
To deny any of My children any good
Just as any earthly dad

Yes says Daddy-God
I know what is good for you
I know what would puff you up

That is why Abba-God says
I will not always
Give you what you want
But always what you need

Come children, come
Please trust and believe
My heart is good
My heart is for you