Forever You reign

A righteous Ruler
A King over all kings
A magnificent Ruler
A King over all

Jesus Your Kingdom is established forever
Forever You will rule
Forever You are enthroned
To rule over all

Your mercy is endless
Your Name a very strong Tower
Your kindness covers the earth
Your love is our only hope

We trust You Lord over all
May our trust never be shaken
Thank you for keeping us until the very end
Thank you that Your Kingdom FOREVER REIGNS!



Soon-coming King

Who is the truest King on earth?
His name is Jesus
His kingdom is called Light
His every word is true, He is our delight

We call Him Saviour
We call Him soon-coming King
We call Him Ruler over all
We call Him our Best friend

Master, Redeemer, Lover of my soul
I love You
May the song I sing here on earth bring glory to Your Name
You are all-precious, You are my soon-coming King!

I marvel at Your presence
How could You be so near
O how You love every person of the earth
May we all sing Your glory at the end